American University of Central Asia - AUCA - GWENDOLYN MURDOCK

Academic Background:


Doctoral   Degree, General-Experimental Psychology, 1983

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Area of specialization: Comparative Psychology; Minor: Biology

Dissertation: Comparative Study of Behavioral Synchrony in Captive Bovid Herds


Master Degree, Biology, University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado

Thesis: Social Relationships of Woolly Monkeys at the Denver Zoo and the Los Angeles Zoo


Bachelor   Degree, Environmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado


Ongoing research projects:

Analysis of Bison Social Relationships: Behavioral Synchrony, Proximity, Similarity.

Ontogeny of Bison Antipredator Behavior.

Social Behavior of Sable Antelope.

Ontogeny of Social Relationships Among Wildebeest.



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2007-2008 Fulbright Scholar

Outstanding Teacher for 1992, Missouri Southern Foundation, Missouri Southern State College, Joplin MO 64801.


Missouri Southern Grant for Faculty Study Abroad, 1996, 1998, 2005

Funding for Results, Psychology Department Multimedia Equipment, 1999

Missouri Department of Natural Resources, 1992

Missouri Southern Foundation, Faculty Development Grant, 1985-1988, 1996


Professional membership:

Animal Behavior Society

Midwestern Psychological Association

American Psychological Society

Sigma Xi


Academic courses taught:

Research methods in Applied Psychology- required course

Behavioral Statistics - required course


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