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Academic Background:


1985 – 1991

General physician, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, diploma with honor (State scholarship)

1991- 1993

Residency at the Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (under the supervision of Prof. Valery Solojenkin). Degree obtained – psychiatrist and psychotherapist (MD)


Postgraduate Training, Kyrgyz-Russian (Slavonic) University. Dissertation title: “Alexithymia in formation of somatoform disorders. Psychotherapeutic correction of alexithymia.” Degree obtained: Scientific Degree in Psychiatry (equivalent of PhD for Post-Soviet States)


Memberships in Professional Associations:

Chair of Scientific Advisory Board of VIRTIS (Veteran, Immigrant, and Refugee Institute of Sacramento):

Kyrgyz Association of Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists & Psychiatrists:

American Psychological Association:

World Psychiatric Association:

World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH):


Editorial Boards of Academic Journals:

Medical Psychology in Russia:

Medical Anthropology and Bioethics:

Historical Psychology and Sociology of History (since August 2012):


Current research interests:


Anthropological and transcultural psychology and psychiatry


On-going research projects:


2010 – present:

Policies in mental health services, epidemiology of stress disorders and process of interethnic communication in Southern region of Kyrgyz Republic.

2007 – present:

Cognitive models of a “norm” and a “disorder” in Kyrgyz traditional culture, influence on treatment and prognosis of mental disorders



Completed research projects:


2007 - 2010:

(in collaboration with "Aigine" cultural and research center): Anthropological Psychology: Potential Psychotherapeutic Use of Traditional Healing and Traditional Kyrgyz Rituals;

2006 - 2008:

(in collaboration with Dr. Patric Marius Koga, UC Medical Shool): Fractal Geometry and Dynamic Chaos Theory in Modelling Schisophrenia


Cognitive models of adaptive phenomena in mental disorders


Psychotherapeutic use of adaptive phenomena in mental disorders.


Alexithymia as a psychological phenomenon: cross-cultural study.



 Selected recent publications:


Molchanova E. Indigenous concepts of PTSD in Central Asia and North Caucasus: Perception of Signs and indigenous Approaches to Treatment. In: Comprehensive Guide of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Springer. Forthcoming.
2. Molchanova E. Status of Mental Health Rehabilitation in the Kyrgyz Republic. Journal of Mental Health Rehabilitation. Springer, 2014. In press


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Molchanova, E (2011). South – Kyrgyz Crisis: Narcissism of Small Differences and Defence Mechanism of Social Systems. Istoricheskaya Psychologiya I Sociologiya Istorii, 2/2011, pp 34-45, Moscow, “Uchitel”. Available at:


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Molchanova , E., Koga, PM. (2008). Fractals in Psychiatry: The Disturbance of a “Gold Section” Between Opposite Pairs of Ego-Defense Mechanisms in Schizophrenia – the Monograph of the XIVth World Congress of Psychiatry, Prague, September 20-25, 2008


Koga, P.M.,Molchanova, E. (2008). A 3-D Fractal Model for DSM-IV in Virtual Reality -the Monograph of the XIVth World Congress of Psychiatry,Prague, September 20-25, 2008.


Molchanova E. (2008). Tradition Kyrgyz rituals and modern psychotherapy. - the 5th World Congress of Psychotherapy.Beijing, P.R. China.


Molchanova, E.,DobryakovI. (2008). Ideological Crisis in Psychiatry: Psychopathology as Adaptation and as Evolutionary Regress. Historical Psychology and Sociology of History. Vol.1 (1), pp. 158 –169,Moscow, “Uchitel”.

Available at:


Academic courses taught:

General Psychology - 1-level professional course

Cognitive Psychology - 3-level professional course

Psychological Testing - 3-level professional course

Psychopharmacology - 3-level professional course

Introduction to Psychological Counselling - 3-level professional course


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