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Sklyar Sergey

Academic background

  1. Professor of Applied Mathematics and Informatics Department.
  2. Candidate of Physics and Mathematics degree in “Differential equations and mathematical physics”. (Diploma of the Supreme Attestation Commission of the USSR,1979).
  3. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics degree inApplication of Computational Techniques, Mathematical Modeling and Mathematical Methods in Scientific Investigations”. (Diplomas of National Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz  Republic, 2001 and Supreme Attestation Commission of Russia, 2005).

Research areas:

     Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods, Differential Equations.

 List of publications contains more than 100 items, selected publications (in the language of the original): 

  1. О базисе из собственных функций одного пучка дифференциальных операторов//Сибирский математический журнал. -1978. -Т.19. -№ 1. -С.161-171.
  2.  Mathematical model for thermodynamics of elongated reservoir//Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling. -1994. -V. 9. -№ 6. -P. 515-533 (joint with Dunets T.V.).
  3.  A projective version of the integral-interpolation method and it’s application for the discretization of the singular perturbation problems//Advanced Mathematics: Computations and Applications. Proc. Of the International Conf. AMCA-95 (Novosibirsk, Russia, 20-24 June, 1995).  By A.S.Alekseev and N.S.Bakhvalov. -NCC Pablisher, Novosibirsk, 1995. -P. 380-385.
  4. On the calculation of the barotropic components of motion in models for general circulation of the ocean/Physical Oceanography. -1995. V.6. -№ 1. -P.19-24 (joint with Kochergin V.P. and Sultanov R.K.).
  5. Разностные схемы для сингулярно возмущенных краевых задач, возникающих при решении эллиптических уравнений со свойством сферической симметрии//Журнал вычислительной математики и математической физики. –2002. –Т.42. -№9. –С.1397-1407. (совместно с Рафатовым И.Р.).
  6. Математическое моделирование гидродинамики глубоководных бассейнов. Севастополь: «ЭКОСИ-Гидрофизика», 2002. –238 с. (совместно с Еремеевым В.Н., Кочергиным В.П. и Кочергиным С.В.).
  7.  Mathematical model of large-scale circulation of water in Issyk-Kul lake: some aspects of realization // Study of the Issyk-Kul lake hydrodynamics with the use of isotopic methods, ISTC, Bishkek, Ilim, 2006, Part-II, P. 31-51 (joint with Rilov M.A.).


Courses taught:

  • Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry (MAT 103);
  • Mathematical analysis, parts I and II (MAT 227, 316);
  • Numerical Methods (MAT 406);
  • Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, parts I and II (COM 225, 226).


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