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Fixed rate tuition Plan


Fixed Rate Tuition Plan means no tuition rate increase for the time it takes a complete a bachelor’s degree. Parents and students exactly know how much tuition they will be charged for four years. 

Increasing tuition is announced every year and it will change depending on the inflation rate and depend on the university administration’s decision. Please remember that in any case tuition will be announced in American dollars, however the tuition should be paid in Kyrgyz soms. The announced in American dollars tuition should be paid in Kyrgyz soms at the current rate of the National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic for the day of payment.


  • How does it work? If you do not apply for fin aid, you will be offered fixed rate tuition at 6400 USD for each year. If you apply for fin aid, you will be offered unique fixed tuition rate which takes into account your financial aid package.
  • Why does it expire in 4 years? Earning bachelor degree at AUCA requires 4 years; therefore fixed tuition rate is set for 4 years.
  • Can I change my mind if I would like to cancel fixed tuition plan and move to traditional tuition? No, the decision is made for 4 years.
  • What happens after 4 years? The plan is valid for 4 years of study. After 4 years, student will be charged prevailing rate tuition.
  • What happens if a student leaves during the 4 year period and comes back later? Student is allowed to take a year off and pay the announced rate, but if student takes off more than one year, then he/she has to pay a tuition at prevailing rate.
  • Does it include summer school? No. Students attending summer school, will be charged summer rate.


For admitted 2013 fixed tuition rate $5950

For admitted 2014 fixed tuition rate $6200

For admitted 2015 fixed tuition rate $6400

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