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Course description:

This course is very practical and its content can be used by business people, economists, and others in their everyday work. It will introduce its students to the international rules and norms of business communication. It will raise their awareness of the peculiarities of preparing and organizing conferences and negotiations about international and economic cooperation. It will also increase their knowledge of

the norms and conditions of official and unofficial receptions.


Focus group:

This course is valuable for experts in young independent states, in which national traditions of protocol and ceremonial practice are in the stage of growth and development. It would also be useful for those who need to hold official and unofficial meetings with the representatives of high political, governmental, economic, financial, business, or social circles.


Methodology: The course is based on lectures and supplemented with literature, and audiovisual materials to increase understanding and help students master the subject.




Structure of the course:


Topic 1.Introduction

Basic terminology and definitions. Basic parts of the course (classification, consequences, learning process). Etiquette. Modern ritual of feast. Schemes of table appointments. Types of table appointments. Starters and main dishes. Serving alcohol. Wines. Classification of wines and cocktails. Serving entrees. Serving deserts and sweets. European breakfasts.


Topic 2.  Ceremony and protocol

Official and unofficial receptions. The role of ceremony and protocol in business communications. Invitations (official and unofficial). Guest seating at the table (schemes). Conversations during receptions. Official meetings. Toasts. Smoking.


Topic 3. Introduction to negotiations. Business negotiations.

Business communications and negotiations. Forming delegations for negotiations. Rules for introductions at meetings, negotiations, and receptions. Business cards and their requirements. Visiting programs for foreign delegations. Composing the main program. The structure of the international conference. Protocol questions for receptions for foreign delegations. Movie: "The technology of official visits."


Topic 4. Rules for organizing negotiations

Guests seating at international negotiations. Program for preparation and organization of negotiations, analysis. Telephone negotiations. Business correspondence. The structure of the business letter.


Topic 5. Dress code

Everyday suits for men. Evening dress for men. Everyday dress for women. Eveningwear for women. Sartorial norms.

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