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Training goal:

To provide the information necessary for: the organization of marketing research with available resources or through specialized organization;  practical skills necessary for developing research plans; and evaluation of the expediency of the implementation of different methods and types of research.


Focus group:

Administrators of companies and marketing services ( marketing director, marketing manager), heads of marketing departments, specialists in marketing and commerce.


Awaiting results:

Upon completion of this training, students will have developed:

  • the ability to sketch a research plan and choose suitable methods and tools for its implementation;
  • the ability to organize marketing research with available resources or with the outside resources;
  • skills to maintain effective research quality control; and
  • the ability to analyze ata and present the results in a report or presentation.


Duration: 16 hours

Fee: 3,000 soms



Training content:


   Day 1


• What is marketing research?

• When and for what purposes is it carried out? (defining research goals and objectives)

• The choice of resources for research implementation (using your own resources and the outside resources, budgeting resources)

• Developing a plan for implementing marketing research your own resources)

• Collecting primary- and secondary-source data

• Basic research methods:   

     a.  quantitative research method (survey, application and monitoring)

     b. qualitative research methods (focus groups, expert interview, etc.)

• Choosing a research method (advantages and disadvantages, limitations depending on the goal of the research and on the organization)

• Choosing and developing research tools


    Day 2


• Types and principles of sampling (creating a representative sample)

• Methods of data quality control

• Creation of databases

• Data analysis

• Structuring the report/ presentation

• Diagrams (types of diagrams, when they should be used)

• Tables (types of tables, when they should be used)

• Implementation of marketing research with the outde resources 

• How to perform technical tasks correctly?                 

• How to chose a research agency (methodology, deadlines and budget)?

• Working with research agencies (the customer's responsibilities, the responsibilities of the research organization)



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