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Goal: Development and improvement of Russian language public speaking skills for professional and interpersonal communication



This class will help students:

  • Develop skills for effective public speaking for professional and personal communication
  • Learn how to logically construct public speeches
  • Acquire the psychological skills necessary for effective public speaking
  • Enrich their language to increase the effectiveness of their public speaking
  • Learn the ethics of verbal communication;
  • Develop their own style of speaking and acquire special speaking tactics
  • Learn how to professionally evaluate speeches by famous orators


Target group: This course is designed for managers and specialists from a variety of areas who are interested in improving their speaking skills.

Expected results: Students will acquire the skills necessary for the preparation, delivery, and evaluation of public speeches.

Duration: 24 academic hours

Fee: 3,000 soms




The program:

Topic 1: Introduction

History of rhetoric. 

Basic rules of rhetoric; rhetoric of different cultures

"The golden rules" of rhetoric (drawing on experiences of ancient orators)


Topic 2. Public speech: preparation, goals, materials

Preparation for public speaking/presentations

Choosing topic for speeches/presentations

Learning techniques for fast and effective analysis of information necessary for speech preparation.

Choosing effective arguments and proper methods to make public speeches more persuasive (exploring statistics, examples, quotations, etc)



Topic 3. Appearance of the speaker and his/her voice

Verbal and non-verbal communication with audiences: manners, mimicry , eye-contact, gestures, etc.

Six rules of business etiquette: the ethics of speaking and listening

Development of one's own style of speech delivery

Tactics for effective speaking

Achieving expressiveness,  sonority, and melodiousness[T2] ; improving pronunciation.


Topic 4. Logic and expressiveness

Logical methods for constructing effective speeches (deduction, induction, analogy, and cause-and-effect analysis)

Common mistakes in delivering public speeches.

Learning effective usage of specific Russian expressions to enrich and embellish one's 


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