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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Will I have an opportunity to apply for the NGA scholarship next year?

There will be 70 scholarships available for the four academic years of: 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. However, only 15 full scholarships to study at AUCA will be awarded to those admitted to AUCA in 2012-2013 and 2013-20141 academic year.


What is the language of instruction at NGA?

Most classes at NGA are conducted in English.


When do the classes at the NGA start and end?

The classes at the NGA start and end as indicated in the AUCA Academic calendar. For more detailed information, please see the AUCA website.



How many recommendation letters do I need to provide?

One letter of recommendation is enough. It should be typed and can be in English, Russian or Kyrgyz.


How many additional certificates and diplomas do I need to provide?

Providing additional certificates and diplomas is optional. There is no restriction on their number. Attach those that you think are necessary and relevant to the scholarship program.


Testing and Interview

What language will be used during the interview?

One of the interview's objectives is to determine your level of English language proficiency. This is why the interview is conducted in English.


What English level is required for admission to the NGA?

The English level required for admission to the NGA is Pre-Intermediate (Lower Intermediate) and above. This requirement is because this is a short one year program for college readiness and students need to already have an intermediate language skill to fully participate in program. 


What is the structure of the NGA's admission test? And will I need to take a math test?

The NGA's admission test consists of three sections:

  1. Grammar (multiple-choice questions);

  2. Reading Comprehension (multiple-choice questions); and

  3. Short essay.


The Math test is not included in the NGA's admission exams.


Do I need to come to Bishkek to sit for the test?

No. The NGA Admissions Committee will conduct tests and interviews in each of the seven Oblasts. The schedule of these sessions will be available on the NGA's website, at American Corners centers, Education Advisory Centers, and UNICEF Youth Centers. For more information, please see Address and contact details for centers.


Admission Requirements

Can I apply for the Academy if I plan to later apply to a university other than AUCA?

Yes, you can, but the four-year full scholarship for NGA's 15 best graduates will be provided only to those admitted to AUCA.


Can I apply for the NGA if I have a vocational school diploma, but not a secondary school diploma?

Yes. High school diploma and vocational school diploma both give you the right to apply for higher education. It should be remembered, however, that completed vocational education does not grant you any privilege in the admission process.


I am about to graduate from the FLEX program, can I apply for the NGA Scholarship program?

No. Our program aims at providing an opportunity for college readiness. The FLEX alumni already have enjoyed the opportunity for college preparation, and therefore do not qualify under the NGA program requirements.


I graduated from high school last year. Can I apply for the NGA Scholarship program?

Yes. According to our requirements, an applicant must have successfully completed secondary school education upon admission to the NGA. Additionally, if you have graduated from high school a year or two ago, but satisfy all requirements, you can also apply for the NGA scholarship program.


I study at another university, but I want to study at AUCA. Can I participate in the NGA Scholarship program?

No. Our program aims at providing an opportunity for college readiness. Those attending another university have already proved ready for college and therefore do not qualify for our Scholarship program.


Do I have to pay for the application form?

Please be advised that the application form is free of charge, do not pay to receive the application form and report individuals that ask you for money to the attention of the NGA Department at


Do I have to pay to be guaranteed a scholarship?

AUCA does not tolerate corruption and has devised two NGA committees that will review the applications at two different levels to avoid a one level decision making and to ensure transparence and equity. If anyone promises that a scholarship will be guaranteed to you, please report these individuals to the NGA Department at


Why are there so many required documents as part of this application process?

The NGA scholarship is based on financial need and academic merit, therefore to qualify under these terms a list of financial and academic documents to assess household income and asset is needed to adequately assess candidate’s financial standing and academic merit.


How and where do I submit my completed application package?

Completed application package must be in a sealed envelope with your full name and region marked on the outside of envelope and it should be delivered to the AUCA Admissions Department or the New Generation Academy Department if you live in Bishkek. For applicants living outside of Bishkek, the completed application package can be mailed to the address below or alternatively, to avoid delay or loss of application package through the mail system, you may submit your completed application no later than 02 April 2012 at the following centers in your Oblast. The NGA Team will travel to all Oblasts on the 3rd of April 2012 to pick up application forms.

AUCA Office of Admissions (NGA Scholarships)
205 Abdymomunov St., Room 111
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720040

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7/6 Aaly Tokombaev Street
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 720060

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