American University of Central Asia - AUCA - MAJOR REQUIREMENTS


All American Studies students must complete the AUCA general education requirements.

Required courses are prerequisite to elective courses and should be completed as soon as possible, ideally by the end of the student’s fourth semester. Of the total 144 credits required for the bachelor’s degree, 51 must be in the American Studies major, in departmental or approved cross-listed courses offered by other departments; 27 of those credits are required courses. The student must also complete 42 University General Education credits. The remaining 52 credits may be gained by taking more American Studies courses, by taking courses in other departments, by gaining a minor in another department or by a combination of all three.

• Introduction to American Studies
• Survey of American History - prerequisite to all courses in the American History track
• Survey of American Literature - prerequisite to all courses in the American Literature track
• American Government and Politics  - prerequisite to all courses in the American Government and Politics track
• American Culture and Society - prerequisite to all courses in the American Culture and Society track
• Senior Seminar I, II.


General Provisions
American Studies Program graduates who have completed basic higher education programs must pass the final state attestation in order to receive a bachelor’s degree.

There are two ways for the student to satisfy the State Attestation requirement: passing the TOEFL examination, a Kyrgyz History Examination and the State Examination; or passing the TOEFL examination and a Kyrgyz History Examination and successfully defending an honors thesis. In the first case the student receives the standard Bachelor of Arts degree; in the second the student receives a bachelor of arts with honors. The two methods of satisfying the State Attestation requirement are explained below.

Thesis Requirement
Students with a GPA at the end of the junior year of 3.5 or higher are invited to write an honors thesis under the guidance of a faculty member. If the thesis is successfully defended, and if the student also passes the final TOEFL examination with distinction, the student will graduate with honors.

Attestation by State Examination
Students whose cumulative GPA does not qualify them to undertake the honors thesis will satisfy the State Attestation requirement by passing a State Examination and the final TOEFL test. These students will receive a standard Bachelor of Arts diploma, that is, without distinction (honors).

Students whose cumulative GPA qualifies them to undertake the honors thesis, but who elect not to do so, will, on passing the State Examination and TOEFL, receive a Bachelor of Arts diploma, also without distinction. However, in this case they will be awarded an American Studies Department special certificate noting their GPA.

Requirements for Attestation by State Examination
1. passing the final TOEFL examination
2. passing the State Examination
3. passing Kyrgyz History examination.

State Examination Format
The final State Examination includes two sections: one on American Literature, the other on American Society and History. The examination will be essays written in response to questions composed by the Department. Three hours will be allotted to each examination, with a break in between. Students will be notified of the time and place of the examination a week before it takes place. Students who fail to appear for the examination will not be permitted to take it in that term. They will have to wait until the following years.

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