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Minor requirements


Literature and History Minor Policy

The Literature and History (LAH) minor is meant to introduce students to what is involved in transforming past experience into words, novels, and historical texts and to ground students in the established practices of disciplines central to the humanities. Those enrolled in the minor will take part in an interdisciplinary curriculum situated at the intersection of literary art and historical thought, applying the tools and practices of the liberal arts tradition to sharpen their critical thinking and writing. Students will complete a total of 42 credits for the minor in LAH, including one core course and six electives.

Entrance requirements for the LAH minor are less restrictive than those for the concentration, with students only required to have an overall GPA of 3.0 (these may be waived by the LAH coordinator in certain instances). The consent of the coordinator of the LAH concentration and their department chair is also requisite.

To obtain permission from the LAH coordinator, students will need to submit the following documents:

Application letter, or personal interview with LAH coordinator, requesting consideration for a minor;

copy of current transcript evidencing a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Course requirements:


Core courses

Students will need to complete only one of the following core courses:

Introduction to Literature (LAH 100),

Introduction to History (LAH 200),

Theories of History and Literature (LAH 200)


Elective courses


Students will also need to complete six elective courses from LAH and may choose from among the following elective offerings, though note that elective courses will vary each semester. Students will require permission of the LAH coordinator to enroll in SYS or MACAS (CA) courses as well as the permission of the respective chairs of these programs:


Novels of the Russian Golden Age (RU/HUM/ART-201)   

Literature and Art from the Soviet Union (SYS/HUM/SS/ART-207)

Literature and Art of Central Asia (AMS 241)

Worlds and Representations

The Apocalyptic Imagination in Literature, Television and Film (SYS/HUM/ART-260)

The Culture Industry: Coming to Terms with Popular Culture in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries (SYS/HUM/ART-261)

Moral Imagination through Literature (SYS/HUM/SS-256).

The Past in Present Memory, Culture & Politics (SYS/HUM/ART/SS-249) 

Manas - Texts, Contexts, and Tradition (HUM/ ART-273)

World Literature (LAS/HUM 220)

Hybridity and Identity in Central Asia (ICS 300)

Selected Topics in Kyrgyz Culture and Literature (ANTH/ SS-434)

Media, Memory and History (SOC/SS-442)

Empire, Identity, Modernity: Ethnic Classifications in Imperial and Soviet Central Asia (CA/ANTH/PSY/SOC-516)

Epic-Theory, Practice, History (IOE-603L)

Literature in Imperial and Soviet Central Asia (CA-610)

Intercultural Encounters: Literatures at the Edge of Empire (IOE-615L)

Art and Ethnography in Imperial and Soviet Central Asia (CA/ANTH/SOC/PSY-658)



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