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Psychology Department Internship Policy

The American University of Central Asia defines internship as “a pre-professional, educational experience, where students have an opportunity to enhance their theoretical knowledge by applying it in practice.” The University requires all degree-seeking undergraduate students to complete an internship before graduating.  


An internship is an effective way for students to prepare for their future careers. The main goal of an internship is for students to gain practical skills related to their specializations in a real-world work setting. Psychology students will be expected to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in areas of counseling, organizational, teaching and research skills necessary for their further independent work.

Types of internships

Students majoring in Psychology must fulfill the requirements of three types of internship:

  1. Introductory/ Observational  internship-completed after sophomore year
  2. Practical internship-completed after junior year

For more detailed information, please see Psychology Department Statute on Students Internships.  

The procedure of Internships:

  1. All student internships are internally supervised by corresponding academic advisors of the student from Psychology Department. Every students starting internship should decide on the site of internship themselves and fill in the Internship Declaration Form in two copies, one of which is sublimitted to the academic advisor for approval. Students might refer to the Internship Database of the Department to find a site of internship, but it's students' responsibility to secure their placing. To approve your internship site and secure your placement, you might need to fill out Departmental Recommendation for external organization to employ you.
  2. Externally, every student is supervised by a qualified degree-holding (preferrably) psychologists by means of External Supervisor Evaluation Form.
  3. Students are expected to fill-out Internship Diary while undertaking an Internship and base their Internship Reports (please, see guidelines for Introductory Internship Report and Practical Internship Report) on their diary notes.



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