Proposals may be initiated and projects may be administered by University employees with faculty or academic staff status. 


Your Responsibilities as a Primary Investigator

As the primary investigator (PI) or Project Director for a research project or grant, you have a number of responsibilities and you must comply with a number of policies and procedures. These include:

  • Delivering the original award letter to the Development Office if mailed to you. 


  • Delivering checks received to the Development Office.


  • Don’t sign anything! Grant agreements and contract documents can legally be signed only by authorized AUCA officials.
  • Approving all expenditures of grant funds and maintaining appropriate records of expenditures to ensure responsible stewardship of funds.
  • Monitoring expenditure records at least monthly and reporting discrepancies to the Grants Office in a timely manner.
  • Anticipating long-term financial needs and spending or conserving accordingly.
  • Tracking cost sharing as needed.
  • Allowing the Grants Office to submit all financial reports and billings.
  • Reviewing financial reports to ensure agreement with project programmatic records.
  • Obtaining the Development Office's approval for any pre-award spending and budget revisions or reallocations.
  • Responsibly meeting all scope of work commitments; maintaining records as needed to document performance of scope of work.
  • Reporting significant problems promptly to the Development Office (scheduling delays, personnel turnovers, anticipated budget revisions, unusual costs, difficulties with collaborators or subcontractors, etc.)
  • Consulting with the Development Office before contacting program officials.
  • Preparing and submitting all required performance reports to the Development Office for review, any required institutional signatures and mailing.
  • Maintaining appropriate records as required by the funding agency.
  • Retaining all records for the period of time specified by grant award.
  • Cooperating with the Development Office to ensure the timely and smooth closeout of completed projects.
  • IMMEDIATELY reporting announced or unannounced programmatic site visits or audits to the Development Office


  • Gifts-in-kind from all sources, including private donors, foundations, corporations, etc., require the same formal acceptance by the Board of Trustees as monetary gifts. The recipient of each gift-in-kind is responsible for reporting the gift to the Development Office for approval.

  • By Board policy, the University may not participate in establishing the monetary value of the gift, nor should any value be assigned when the gift is forwarded to the Board of Trustees for acceptance.

  • An inventory value should be established based upon fair market value on the date of the gift for financial reporting purposes.

Grant Accounting Policies & Compliance Regulations

Please see these additional Federal Grant Accounting Polices.



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