Grant seekers who discuss their projects with program officers gain insights not necessarily available from reading the RFP. The best approach is to e-mail a request for a telephone appointment. The Development Office can also arrange in person visits if that seems necessary.  Here are some suggestions for opening the conversation.


  • Is funding available for new applications? (This is especially important at the US federal level, as some agencies may be obligated to spend a significant percentage of their budget to support continuing projects.)
  • How many new applications does the program typically receive and  what percentage is funded? (A 20%-30% funding rate is good; if it's less than 20% you need to consider whether it's worth the effort.)
  • What are the most common flaws in proposals they receive?
  • What criteria are used in evaluating your proposal and relative weight given to each?
  • Do they fund institutions like AUCA? Ask for a list of previous recipients.
  • Will they recommend a previously funded proposal for style or format? Can you obtain a copy?
  • Who will evaluate your proposal; i.e., what background will the reviewers have? Would they send you a list of current or previous reviewers? (It is important to know the audience for which you will be writing.)
  • Are there areas or topics of particular interest that the funding agency values?
  • If you have last year's application guidelines, do they expect to make any significant changes? Can you use last year's information to get started?
  • Would they be willing to review a draft of your proposal?

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