Extramural grant proposals must request reimbursement of Facilities and Administration (indirect) costs consistent with AUCA policies.

  • Facilities and Administration (a.k.a. Indirect Costs): Sometimes called "overhead," Facilities and Administration (F & A) costs are those incurred by the University that are not related directly to carrying out your project, including:
    • general administration expenses,
    • building maintenance and operation,
    • equipment depreciation,
    • grant administration expenses,
    • library expenses, and
    • departmental expenses.
  • Extramural grant proposals must request reimbursement of F & A costs consistent with agency policies. F & A costs are a real cost to the University, whether the financial support is from general or program revenue sources. The inclusion or exclusion of F & A costs cannot be used as a bargaining point to secure extramural support. F & A cost rates are periodically negotiated by the University of Wisconsin System and the federal government for federal programs.
  • Negotiated cost rates effective August 1st, 2010, are as follows:
  • On-campus rate: 15% of all salaries, wages, and fringe benefits
  • Off-campus rate: 10% of all salaries, wages, and fringe benefits
  • The off-campus rate applies if more than 50% of the project is performed off-campus in facilities not owned or rented by the University.
  • Inasmuch as F & A cost funds are intended to reimburse the University for these expenses, the specific project has no claim on them.

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