Start-Up Meeting

Upon official award notification, the Development Office will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the terms, conditions, reporting and accounting requirements specific to your grant and funding agency. In attendance will be Sven Stafford, yourself, co-PIs if there are any, Jamilya Karabaeva and your program assistant if you desire.

An account will be established, deadlines, regulations and requirements will be discussed, and paperwork will be started for any payroll transactions needed to pay people for the course of the grant.



When you receive an award, Jamilya Karabaeva will be responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of your account, including final fiscal reporting requirements.


Budget Revisions

If the amount of money awarded differs from the proposed amount, a revised budget will be needed before the account can be created. Please contact the Development Office for assistance in revising your budget, or bring your revisions to the start-up meeting.


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