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Faculty Chair, Associate Professor


TEL: +996 312 664571




PhD in Pedagogical sciences: Thesis topic “Multicultural education of students using texts of fiction”   

Certificate for the successful completion of the 72 hour Academic Writing for University Teachers Course, organized by Embassy of the United States, English Language School Lingua and AUCA: February 5, 2011- May 21, 2011:

Certificate in International Perspectives in Participatory Research of PRIA Continuing Education (PCE) in India and Continuing Studies, University of Victoria located in British Columbia, Canada, April – July, 2009.

Post Graduate Courses (Aspirantura), Arabaev’s National University, 2004-2006.

Certificate as a Teacher of the International Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) Program; Critical Thinking seminars, 2002,

The Central Institute of the Raising the level of one’s skill, Patent Engineer Diploma, 1989-1991.

Moscow Foreign Languages School under the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages, Certificate in Italian language, 1985

Kyrgyz State University, French Language Department,

Degree in Translation, French Language and Literature, 1981

AREA OF RESEARCH INTERESTS European Culture, European Literature.

OFFERED COURSES History of European Culture, European Literature, Regional European Literature (in French), Story of Masterpieces, Intercultural Communication (in French).


1. The Teaching Foreign Languages have for an object a communication as a principal goal. – The Nature of University Education and Research: Conference proceedings, (May,1999).Volum

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3. Forming a skills of independent work in class through the Strategies of the Critical Thinking. - Critical Thinking in Kyrgyzstan: From Knowledge to the Grade: Republican Conference proceeding. - Bishkek, Soros Foundation, 2003. – p 174-182.

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5. The Use of Dramatixation in Teaching Foreign Languages. - Academic Review AUCA, # 1, 2003. – p. 176-181.

6. The Teaching through Creativity in Italian Language Classes. – Second Foreign Language: Modern technologies of Teaching: Conference proceedings. – Bishkek, Kyrgyz-Russian Slaviansky University, 2003. – p. 41-49.

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17. Fiction as a Secondary Simulated System. - Academic Review AUCA, # 5(2), Bishkek, 2007. – p. 118-127.

18. Fictional text as a method of multicultural education. - Academic Review AUCA, # 6, Bishkek, 2008.

19. The philosophic and methodological meaning of the fiction texts in foreign languages. – International Conference Materials, KGNU, Bishkek. - Project.

20. Organization of social and cultural environment as an important condition for multicultural education of students. - Education and International Relationships: Theory and Practice of Multicultural Education. International Conference, Izhevsk, Russia, Udmurt State University, May 27-28, 2009/ Ed. by E. Khakimov, 2009.- 473 p.- P. 242-249.

21. French Club: Initiative, Organization and Research. (in English) - Review AUCA, # 2 (2009), Bishkek, 2009. – p.226-232

22. Developing students’ multicultural self-awareness. - Academic Review AUCA, # 2, Bishkek, 2010– p. 159-167.

23. Aesthetics perception of the nature in language, culture and literature of Kyrgyzstan. Esthétiques de la nature. Séminaire du Doctorat d’études supérieures européennes (DESE). Ecole doctorale humanités. Université de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse, France, 2010. – P. 7-18.

24. Semantic perception of Fictions. Monograph. –Bishkek, 2011. - 322 P. 25. Educational Significance of literary text. – Materials digest of the XXVI International Scientific and Practical Conference and the II Stage of Research Analytics Championship in culturology, architecture, art history and philosophical sciences. - London, 2012. – p. 31-33.

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Assistant Professor

European Studies Department, Main Building, Room 214


TEL: +996 312 66 45 71




- Bachelor of Arts, International Relations -- Cyprus International University,

- Master of Arts, European Studies -- Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey,

- Magister, Political Science - European Politics -- Masaryk University, Czech Republic,

- Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science and International Relations -- Yeditepe University, Turkey.


Taught Courses at AUCA:

- ES 130 Modern Europe,

- ES 102 European Government Systems,

- ES 203 European Integration and External Relations,

- ES 214 Extremism and Democracy in Europe,

- ES 223 Introduction to European Security,

- ES 237, Identity, Nation State, Europeanization,

- ES 301 Multicultural Societies: Religious and Social Conflicts in Europe,

- ES 321/AMS 360 Research Method,

- Orientation Week Program.


University Services at AUCA:

- The Vice-Chair of the Academic Senate at AUCA in 2014-2015 Academic Year and member of the Senate since 2013.

- The Chair of the ''Student Intellectual Life Committee'' for 2013-2014 Academic Year and member of the SILC since 2012.

- The Member of the European/American Studies State Exam Committee since 2012.

- The Member of the AUCA Entrance Admission Exam Committee since 2012.

- The Member of Study Abroad and Bard Exchange Committees since 2012.


- Certificate of Appreciation by American University of Central Asia for outstanding contribution to the development of the University‟s academic advising system in September 2013 and September 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

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Assistant Professor


2012 –to present                                                            Goethe Institute project “Green Diploma” Moscow

2005-2008                                                                          Aspirantura Arabaev KGU

2000-2001                                                                          Arabaev KGU, Linguistics und Intercultural                                                                                                                       Communication with distinction

1993-1997                                                                          Arabaev KGU, German Language and Literature with                                                                                                 distinction

1983-1993                                                                          Secondary school with the German Language advanced                                                                                            study

Work experience

2011-2013                                                                          Teacher of German language, Linguistics Institute                                                                                                        (methodology of German teaching, German area

                                                                                              Studies, German and Austrian Literature civilization

2013 – to present                                                           Assistant professor. German for Beginners, Intermediate

                                                                                              Advanced, AUZA


Professional development    

1998-1999                                                                          Study und Work in Germany

2000- 2 months Germany                                          L. Maximilan University, Munich

10.2008-03.2009                                                              DAAD Grant for the research, Freiburg University,                                                                                                       Germany

16.062011-02.07.2011                                                   Workshop “Computer in the class of German”, Germany

26.08.2011-31.08.2011                                                  Workshop of the project “Green Diploma”, Moscow,                                                                                                 Russia

12.02.2010                                                                         Workshop “Area Studies in class of German”                                                                                                                 Language Center, Bishkek

27.08.2010                                                                         Workshop “Observation and grading in class of German”

                                                                                              Language Center, Bishkek

25.09-26.09.2010                                                            Workshop “ Hoeren” Language Center Astana,                                                                                                                             Kazachstan

Language skills                                                               Russian fluent, German fluent, English- Beginner

Computer skills                                                                              Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel

Award                                                                                 Language Skills Diploma C1 Effectiveness, Austria

Personal                                                                            High organization skills, communicative, responsibility

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Assistant Professor


TEL: +996 312 664571



2001 Diploma of first-degree issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris "Business French" 1991 Diploma of Higher Education (NationalUniversity), Faculty of Foreign Languages

AREA OF RESEARCH INTERESTS: French language and literature.

OFFERED COURSES: French for beginners, Intermediates, French for advanced, Regional European Literature in Academic Writing in French.


Annual Seminars (French language refresher trainings) organized by the French Embassy in Kyrgyzstan -2008

Linguistic and pedagogic internship; Vichy, France -2008 DALF C1 (Ministry of Education of the FrenchRepublic) -2005 Critical Thinking course (KyrgyzStateUniversity named after Arabaev) -2004 International seminar “Touristic French” (KyrgyzStateUniversity named after Arabaev) -2003 "Attestation de réussite aux épreuves du test d’accès direct au DALF" (document issued by the French Embassy in Kazakhstan, proving the successful passing of tests on the command of French) -2000 International conference «Particularities of Higher Education. Intellectual Student Development. Formation of a Creative Personality», American University of Central Asia

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Assistant Professor



June 1978                              Graduated Bachelorin Cuba.


July 1984                               Graduated Frunze Polytechnic Institute,Mechanical   Engineer.


October 1986                         Internship in the Kyrgyz Republic in the Frunze Polytechnic Institute


July 1987                               Graduated “School of Foreign Languages of name Miguel de

Servantes”, in Russian in the city of Santa Clara in Cuba.


July 2003                               Receivedthe diploma on courses of improvement of qualification“Language and Culture of the Spain”. University of Complutation of Madrid. Spain.


June 2009                              Atthe University ofValladolid (Spain)defended hiswork«IVCongressChristopherVillalónin introducing innovativemethods inteaching of Spanish," where he receivedan honorable secondplace and was awardedwith the diplomafor his work.




September 2000-2014           American University of Central Asia,senior teacherof Spanish. Teacher-present.


January 2000-2014               Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University,senior teacherof Spanish.


September 1999                    Kyrgyz State National University of JusupBalasagyn,senior teacherof Spanish.


August1990                           Project institute "Industrialconstruction project",Engineer-constructor.


October1984                          Building trust № 9 Republic of Cuba, machine maintenance engineerin the department of construction.


Additional Academic Qualification:

Each year accepts International exam DELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) as the representative of the Cervantes Institute in Kyrgyzstan for anyone wishing to obtain a certificate of international level.


For the International exam I finishedthe distance learning of the course from the Institute of Servantes for upgrading the qualification and received certificates for examinations at all levels : A1- A2, B1 - B2, C1 - C2 (beginner, intermediate , higher levels) during the International exam of DELE in our republic.

Teaching Activity:

Teaching careerbeganin September of 1999in theKyrgyz NationalUniversity as a lecturerat the Facultyof International Relationships,KNU.

Since August 2000 started the careerat the American Universityof Central Asia, where continue work until present.

Since January2000,began working as a part-timesenior lecturer at theKyrgyz-Russian Slavic University on the Faculty ofInternational Relationships, at the Department of the World Languages.

List of Scientific Works:

Participated in publication of the educational and methodical manuals of Buku M.O. "Mini soccer gyms 5x5", Bishkek in 2001 as a translator.

In the proceedings of the Interuniversity scientific and practical conference "Concept of the language situation in Kyrgyzstan", publisher KRSU, Bishkek, 2004, published an article "On the formation of socio-cultural linguistic competence on the song material of the Spanish language."

In the AUCA Academic Bulletin No. 3, Bishkek, 2005, published an article “La lenguaespañola en Asia Central» (Spanish language in Central Asia).

Participated in the first International Virtual Congress on distributing of the Spanish language and its culture. There are two articles published in the book:

  1. a) "The stages of learning Spanish as a second language for students of Asian countries. The positive influences of the Internet"
    b) "The first phase of learning Spanish in the former Soviet republics of Central Asia. Specific characteristics of Kyrgyzstan"


Published Textbooks in tables and charts for students studying Spanish with the stamp of the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan, "Temporary Spanish forms of verbs".

Translated and voiced the local history disc "Unknown Land Kyrgyzstan" released in seven different languages ​​of the world.

In July 2009arrived to Valladolid(Spain), as a finalist for awarding the diploma of the International Congress of "Innovations in teaching Spanish as a foreign language".

In the proceedings of the Interuniversity scientific and practical conference "Modern trends in foreign language teaching professionals in the field of international relations", publisher KRSU (Bishkek, 18 January 2013). Published the article "Description of didactic training experience of irregular verbs in the Spanish language."


Forthcoming textbook "Didactic experience in training of irregular verbs in the Spanish language."

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