1. Improve your GPA.A student’s grade point average is a crucial statistic when applying to higher education or even applying for jobs. Deciding to improve upon your GPA requires taking all classes more seriously and getting higher grades overall. This is one of the most common educational goals throughout a student’s career.
  2. Build a portfolio.Building a portfolio is important to landing jobs when you’re working towards a career in an industry that relies heavily on examples of talent. Establishing and adding to your portfolio is a great educational goal because it helps you land a position once you’ve graduated.
  3. Join an extracurricular activity.While finding the time to accomplish just our baseline responsibilities can be a stretch, joining an extracurricular activity should still be on your educational bucket list. Joining an extracurricular activity broadens your perspective, gives you valuable skills, and looks great on a resume.

    Submitting a project early, even a few days, provides some much-needed relaxation and sets you apart from your classmates for preparedness.

  4. Accomplish a project ahead of time.You may be surprised to find out how great it feels to finish a big project before the due date. Many classes that expect students to finish a large project by the end of the course give enough resources to complete it before it’s due.

  5. Cease a bad habit.Everyone has their own brand of poison when it comes to bad habits, and working on yours can be a great educational goal. Whether you’re smoking, biting your nails, or procrastinating, stopping these behaviors have a positive effect on your work.
  6. Read an unassigned book. Reading books deepens your knowledge on
    particular subjects and requires you to stick to it until the end. The clear-cut
    timeline for finishing a book makes it a good option as an educational goal.

  7. Study for an extra thirty minutes every night. A half an hour doesn’t
    seem like enough time to accomplish anything grand, but the daily
    implementation of this study time can significantly improve your school

  8. Improve your soft skills.Excelling in school is about more than just doing well on assignments and showing up to class. Soft skills contribute to your educational and professional success, as well. Working towards improving a skill, like time-management or communication, has major benefits for your academic performance.
  9. Attend an event relevant to your studies.Most industries host events for individuals who work in the field to grow their professional network. Find some in your area and pick the events that are most relevant to the career you’re working towards.
  10. Participate in a study abroad semester.Studying for a semester in another country is not only fun but also a rich learning experience.
  11. Build rapport with a teacher in your major.In between acing tests and writing research papers, many students forget to create a meaningful relationship with the professors in their discipline.It’s important to get to know your professors because they’re the people that you’ll turn to for an academic reference letter in the future. Building rapport with a professor in your major is a good goal because it has long-term benefits for your career.
  12. Take a certification course.The best employees and students are the ones who continuously improve their skills. Taking a certification course or free online class takes your abilities in a particular area to the next level and makes for a positive educational goal.
  13. Make a LinkedIn profile.Professional networking websites have made it easier to expand your network and career. Most people who are active in their profession use resources, such as LinkedIn, to connect with others and build working relationships.Creating a LinkedIn profile makes you look more professional when applying to jobs and helps you to find new opportunities in your industry.
  14. Update your resume.Putting effort into crafting your resume and keeping it updated is a productive educational goal because it’s working towards the big picture of your future career. Do some research on what a great resume looks like and edit yours accordingly to stand out in the job application process.


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