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Bermet Tursunkulova, Ph.D. in Politics

Director of Development

Development Office


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  • Introduction to Political Studies (ICP 101)
  • Senior Thesis I, II (ICP 404, ICP 406)
  • Civic Engagement: Global Trends and Development of Civil Society in Central Asia (ICP 342)
  • Globalization and Social Sciences (SS/LAS/GDS-102)

Kandidat of Political Sciences (Ph.D.), Kyrgyz-Slavonic Russian University (Sept. 2000 - Dec.2006), Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan. Thesis title: "The Globalization Challenges for the Post-Soviet Countries During the TransitionPeriod”. Supervisor: Dr. Ainura Elebaeva. 

MA, International Relations and European Studies, Central European University(1998 – 1999), Budapest, Hungary. Thesis Title: “The Political Economy of the WTO Membership: the Case of the Former Soviet Union States”. Supervisor: Phillip Watkins.

BA, International Relations and International Law, International University of Kyrgyzstan(1994 – 1998), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Thesis Title: “The Problems of the Central Asian Integration”.

"Parlamentarizm na electoralnom rinke Kyrgyzstana-do i posle 2010 goda” (“Parliamentarism at the Electoral Market of Kyrgyzstan: before and after 2010”) (in Russian)  with Medet Tiulegenov, February 26, 2015

“How Effective is the EITI in the Kyrgyz Republic?”,, January 8, 2014

“State, Regime, and Government in the Kyrgyz Republic (1991–2010): Disaggregating a Relationship” with Sally Cummings, Shairbek, Juraev, Alexander Pugachev and Medet Tiulegenov East European Politics, Volume 29, Issue 4, 2013, pp.443-460

 'The Power of Precedent”, in Sally N. Cummings (ed.), (2008) Domestic and International Perspectives on Kyrgyzstan's 'Tulip Revolution': Motives, Mobilization and Meanings in Central Asian Survey, Vol 28, Nos 3-4, pp. 347-360 reprinted in  “The Power of Precedent”, Sally Cummings (ed.) 2009. Domestic and International Perspectives on Kyrgyzstan's 'Tulip Revolution': Motives, Mobilization and Meanings. Routledge, London.

“Perspektivy razvitiya post-sovetskih gosudarstv Centralnoi Azii v globalizirueshemsya mire” (The Development of Perspectives of the Post-Soviet States of the Central Asia in the Globalizing World”). (monograph in Russian). Bishkek, 2006.

“Usloviya razvitiya post-sovetskih gosudarstv v globalizirueshemsa mire (“The Conditions of Development of Post-Soviet States in the Globalizing World”), Obshestvennye i gumanitarnye nauki ( Social Sciences and Humanities), # 4, 2006, Bishkek.

“Vashingtonsky consensus i razvivaushiesa strany” (“The Washington Consensus and Developing Countries”), Vestnik KRSU, Volume 6, # 6, 2006, Bishkek.

“Nazionalnye gosudarstva i novye vyzovy v epohu globalizazii” (“Nation-states and New Challenges in the Era of Globalization”), Sayasat (Policy) Analytical Journal of the Institute for Development of Kazakhstan, # 6, June 2006, pp.4-6.

“Problemy zentralno-aziatskogo regiona v epohu globalizazii” (“Problems of the Central Asian Region in the Age of Globalization”).  Reader. Bishkek, 2005.  Co-author with M. Puhova, A. Elebaeva, C. Chotaeva, N. Esenamanova.

“Precarious Private Higher Education in Central Asia”, International Higher Education Journal (Boston College), # 38, Winter 2005, pp. 10-11.

“Osnovnye trendy i harakteristiki globalizazii v mirovoi ekonomike” (“Main Trends and Features of the Globalization of the World Economy”), Kyrgyz National University Journal # 7, July 2003 (published in Russian).

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