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Ilker Corut

Visiting Professor

Sociology Department

Division of Social Sciences


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  • Classical Social Theories
  • Contemporary Theories
  • Sociology of Culture

2008-2016 June
PhD: Central European University, Budapest/HUNGARY
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Dissertation: Kurds between Sovereign Violence and Bio- Political Care: Healthcare Provision in Hakkari during the AK Party Era (Summa cum laude)

2012 Nov-2013 Mar
Visiting Scholar in Department of Rural Sociology of
Wageningen University, Wageningen/NETHERLANDS

2005- 2008
Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History, PhD Bogazici University, Istanbul/TURKEY (PhD Qualifying Exam Passed)

MA: Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History Bogazici University, Istanbul/TURKEY
Thesis: Social Rationality of Lower Class Criminal Practices in the Late 19th Century Istanbul

1998 - 2003
BA: Business Administration,
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences,
Bogazici University, Istanbul/TURKEY (Access to this program requires the highest point grade for the entrance examination)

Invited talks

21 October 2016
“Tarihsel ve Siyasal Bağlamda Hasta Memnuniyetini Düşünmek: Hakkâri Örneği”, organized by the Department of History of Medicine and Medical Ethics of Hacettepe University.

19 January 2017
“Milliyetçi Olmayan Bir Türk Etno-Politik Programın Mümkünlüğü ve Zarureti Üzerine”, organized by the Labor and Justice Coalition

June 2013      

Remarkable Work Award of Turkish Academy of Sciences by the Turkish translation of “Provincializing Europe: Post- Colonial Thought and Historical Difference”


2008 Sep-2012 Sep      

Full Ph.D. Grant (CEU, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology)


2012 Nov-2013 March

Doctoral Research Support Grant by CEU



Ranked 91th in the Turkish language & social sciences division of OYS (the second stage of the entrance examination) among 604,033 students who passed the 1st stage

  • Contemporary and Classical Social Theories
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Nationalism Studies
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Anthropology of the State
  • Post-colonial Theory and Subaltern School
  • Social and Political History of Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey

Book chapters

February 2015
“An Ethnographic Account of the Compulsory Public Service of Doctors in Hakkari: The Limits of the AKP Assimilation Strategy and the Production of Space” in The Kurdish Issue in Turkey, ed. Zeynep Gambetti and Joost Jongerden (London: Routledge, 2015).

November 2017
“Ethno-Political Subordination of Kurds and the Persistence of Patient Dissatisfaction as a Mass Phenomenon in Hakkâri during the AK Party Era”, to be submitted to International Journal of Middle East Studies.

Winter 2007
“Bir Süreklilik ve Kopuş Tartışması: Emperyal Tahakküm Biçimleri ve Modernleşme İdeolojisi” in Praksis, no: 17 (2007)

April 2007
“From Almus to Küçükarmutlu: An Ethnographic Study of the Rural and Sub-Urban Space in Relation to State and Market Intrusions”, together with Evren Gönül, in The Graduate Journal of Historical Studies in Turkey, no: 5 (2007).

Book reviews
September 2016
“An Anthropological Economy of Debt”, ed. Bernard Hours and Pepita Ould Ahmed, Anthropological Notebooks 22, no: 2 (2016).

September 2005
“Culture of Sectarianism: Community, History, and Violence in Nineteenth Century Ottoman Lebanon” by Ussama Makdisi, The Graduate Journal of Historical Studies in Turkey, no: 3 (2005).

Selected presentations
November 2013
“An Ethnographic Account of the Compulsory Public Service of
Doctors in Hakkari: The Limits of the AKP Assimilation Strategy and the Production of Space” presented in “International Congress The PKK, Kurdish Nationalism and the Future of Turkey” organized by School of Public & International Affairs (Virginia Tech), Washington

November 2007
“Lower Class Property Crimes and the Vagrancy Laws in Late 19th Century Istanbul” presented in “National Congress of Social Sciences” organized by The Turkish Social Science Association in Middle East Technical University, Ankara

May 2007
“A Critical Survey of Recent Literature on non-Muslim Minorities in Ottoman-Turkish Historiography” presented in “Historical Continuities, Historical Responsibilities: Unsettling Blindspots in Ottoman and Turkish Studies” graduate conference organized by City University of New York, New York.

April 2012
Dipesh Chakrabarty, “Provincializing Europe: Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference” (Avrupa’yı Taşralaştırmak: Postkolonyal Düşünce ve Tarihsel Farklılık), published by Boğaziçi University Press

May 2004
Noam Chomsky, “Truths and Myths about the Invasion of Iraq” (Irak İşgali: Mitler ve Hakikatler) in Socialist Register 2004: The New Imperial Challenge (Socialist Register 2004: Yeni Emperyal Tehdit), published by Alaz Yayıncılık

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