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Natalia Slastnikova

Executive Director of Leadership Development, Head of the Continuing Education Center of the American University of Central Asia, Associate Professor of Sociology Department. 

Professional experience: more than 25 years of experience in education sector as instructor, trainer, managerial experience in the area of development, including public relations, fundraising, marketing, career development. 

Trainings: Bard College, New York, USA; Northwestern University, Chicago, USA; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary; Eurasian Open University, Moscow, Russia; St. Petersburg State University, School of Management, Russia; Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA; Washington University, Seattle, USA; American University in Bulgaria, Sofia

Teaching areas: leadership, team building, effective presentation, effective managerial skills, career planning and development, interactive teaching methodologies.  



Guillermo Bravo

Masters Degree in Technical Sciences (Frunze Polytechnic Institute, 1984), Assistant Professor of Spanish Language at AUCA. Diploma of Russian language translator from the School of Foreign Languages named after Miguel De Cervantes, Santa-Clara, Cuba.

Professional experience:   Spanish Language Instructor since 1999

Trainings: Methodical internship in the framework of the BECAS MAE program, advanced training courses "Language and culture of Spain", University of Compliance, Madrid, Spain.

Teaching areas: Spanish English (3 levels), Spanish lexicology, Business Spanish, courses for preparation to DELE exam, course "History of Latin America", course "Language Variability and the National and Cultural Specificity of Speech Communication in Spanish".



Aziya Akmatova

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Kyrgyz Language Program, AUCA. 

Professional experience:

Teaching experience since 1979. Editor of the Kyrgyz language publications of the publishing house "Mektep" for 15 years. The author of the textbooks "Kyrgyz Tili" for university students and the "Lexical minimum" for students of primary classes, scientific and methodical publications on teaching Kyrgyz language. Co-author of the dictionary on the Kyrgyz language.


Advanced training courses at the All-Union Institute for Advanced Training of Press Workers, Moscow, 1985.

Republican permanent training courses for engineers, Frunze, 1986.

Teaching areas. Kyrgyz Language- all levels.


Leyla Serikova

Professional experience: Teaching General English and Business English courses since 1998.

Trainings: "Communicative methodology in teaching English language", training "English for special purposes and Academic English for university teachers in Kyrgyzstan" supported by the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. 

Teaching areas: all General and Business English levels.



Gulmira Moldomusaeva

Professional experience: More than 20 years of experience in teaching English 

Trainings: Graduate of the advanced training program for teachers on "Interactive methodology course" at Lingua Center. Advanced training courses on the methodology of Kerol Marsh, Associate Professor from the United States. Advanced training courses on TESOL (Teaching English Students of Other Languages) Trinity College, St.George International School in London. Published a number of publications, scientific articles in collections of scientific works of the Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University named after I.Arabaev, which were presented at the national inter-university scientific and practical conferences hosted by the Institute of World Languages of the Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University named after. I. Arabaev. Two methodical manuals were published: "Learning through games" for students of pedagogical universities.

Teaching areas: all levels of English language.



Liana Semenova

Professional experience: Experience in teaching English since 2000.

Trainings: Certificate on communicative teaching methodology, Soros Foundation- Kyrgyzstan.

Teaching areas: all levels of English language.




Asem Zhunusova

Professional experience:

  • 6 years of experience in teaching English at university including morphology, grammar, speech practice, academic reading, academic writing
  • 6 years of experience in teaching English at CEC AUCA, including business English, academic writing, preparation for TOEFL iBT, business correspondence, English for children, English for teenagers


  • University of Oregon, College of Arts and Sciences, American English Institute jointly with US State Department
  • Online teacher training course in Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web
  • Certificate of completion of JFDP project “Academic writing"
  • Lingua School, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan -Techniques and Principles in English Language Teaching
  • American Studies Association in Kyrgyzstan -Tenth Annual Symposium ‘The Future of American Studies in Central Asia’
  • The United States Embassy Bishkek, Public Affairs Office, Bishkek Humanities University -Methodologies in teaching English
  • Lingua School-Integrated Academic English Skills
  • Lingua School, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan-Certificate in Communicative Methodology Course
  • Continuing Education Center AUCA-Communicative methodology in teaching TOEFL iBT


Bishkek Humanities University, specialization 'English language'

Teaching areas: All levels of English language and preparation to TOEFL iBT


Valentina Ryndina

Education: Bishkek Humanities University, English Language Teacher

Professional experience:: 10 years

Trainings:  Certificate in Interactive methodology course; certified by English Language School Lingua in courses on Communicative Methodology and Techniques and Principles in English Language Teaching; Certificate Course for Proficiency in Business Communication and Life Skills (including Essential Internet Skills) –  CMC Ltd, ITEC India. Publications in BHU Newsletter: Semantic Analysis of Shakespearian Sonnet 130 and its Russian Translations. Co-author of the study book International Relations for students of higher education; co-author of the study book for children Knowledge Ladder. Award in nominationInnovator in Education – 2014 (Bishkek Humanities University)


Alisa Alybaeva

English teacher at the Continuing Education Center, AUCA (General English for all levels)

Professional experience: since 2006


  • CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) 2018

  • "Communicative methodology" (certified training course, AUCA, 2014)

  • “Teaching TOEFL in contextual-communicative approach” (certified training course, AUCA, 2013)
  • "Communicative methodology" (certified training course, training center “Anglia”, 2006)
  • Conducting seminars and workshops for “FORUM” (Association of English language teachers in Kyrgyzstan)
  • Conducting seminars and workshops for English teachers in training center “Anglia”


Nazgul Sattarova

Professional experience: Teaching Ennglish Language and TOEFL courses since 1999

Trainings: Participant of the training program for teachers "Communicative Methodology" (Basic, Advanced); Academic Writing certificate; SIT TESOL Certificate International House, Vilnius, Lithuania; Cambridge ESOL Training Course "CET English Language School", Russia.

Teaching areas: all levels of General and Business English, preparation to TOEFL PBT, iBT


Maria De Kastle 

Professional experience: English language teacher since 2005. Instructor of Preparation for PBT TOEFL, SAT, IBT, Practice TOEFL classes at CEC since 2009.

Trainings: Lingua Lanuage School, Certified course "Communicative Methodology in ESL classes", CEC AUCA "Teaching TOEFL in contextual - communicative approach".

Teaching areas: English language intensive course (all levels), Preparation for PBT/IBT TOEFL, SAT, Practice TOEFL



 Elmira Alybaeva

Elmira Alybaeva

English teacher at Continuing Education Center, AUCA (General English for all levels, Business English, TOEFL PBT, TOEFL iBT, IELTS, academic writing)

Professional experience: more than 12 years of teaching English as a foreign language, conducting training sessions in communicative methodology for English teachers (training center “Anglia”), organizing talking clubs, conducting seminars and workshops for FORUM (Association of English language teachers in Kyrgyzstan)


  • Specialist in International Relations (KNU IIIEP, 2005)
  • «Communicative Methodology in Teaching English» (certified training course, Lingua Language School, 2006)
  • CATEC 2008 “Success in Writing and Reading” (international conference for English teachers, Astana, 2008)
  • Teaching Autonomous Learning (training course with Stella Cottrell, Almaty, 2008)
  • Teaching TOEFL in Contextual-Communicative Approach (certified training course, AUCA, 2013)



Elena Simonenko

Education: International University of Kyrgyzstan, "English Language" specialization

Professional experience: Teaching English language since 2005.

Teaching areas: all lelvesl of General and Business English.


Galina Ovseenko

Associate Professor of KSU, instructor of Russian language and literature

Professional experience: more than 30 years of teaching experience, more than 30 publications on the methodological issues of teaching Russian language and literature.  
Trainings: Courses for the staff of the laboratory of educational television - North-Western Polytechnical Institute, St.Petersburg. Regional semian on improvement of professional skills of  Russian language philologists - Institute of Russian Language named after A.Pushkin, Moscow. Advamced traomomg cpirses at the Omsk State Pedagogical University. Workshops on critical thinking (AUCA).

Teaching areas: Russian as a foreign language. 


Nazgul Segizbaeva

Higher education diploma, Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University named after I.Arabaev.

Professional experience: Kyrgyz language teacher since 2001. 

Trainings: 2005 - 2006 Course on advancing professional skilss at the KRSU. 2006 - 2007 "Critical Thinking Workshop", School of young teachers of the KSPU named after I.Arabaev.

Teaching areas: all levels of Kyrgyz language



Enver Atamanov 

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, SNC,  AUCA Professor

Professional experience: Leading researcher at the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Institute of Mathematics. Associate Professor of KRSU. Published more than 80 scientific articles, co-authored 3 monographs, two of which are published in Japan and Netherlands. Pedagogical experience consittutes more than 30 years.

Teaching areas: linear algebra, mathematical analysis, differential equations. Preparatory courses, preparation for national testing (ORT).



Liubov Altynnikova

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor at AUCA.

Professional experience: After graduating from Novosibirsk State University with a degree in Mechanics, Applied Mathematics worker from 1985 to 1999 at the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic. Since 1993 a senior researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic. Pedagogical experience constitutes more than 25 years.

Teaching areas: linear algebra, mathematical analysis, probability theory and mathematical statistics. Preparatory courses, preparation for the national testing (ORT).



Olga Galimova

Assistant Professor at the Business Administration Departmnet, graduate student of the "Management" Department of St. Petersburg State University. 

Professional experience: consultant on accounting of small and medium enterprises, conducting business trainings and practical seminars on financial and management accounting, member of the Association of Auditors and Accountants, member of the Public Association of Business Teachers.

Trainings:  "Accounting and Audit: New Standards and Directions", "Audit", "Management Accounting-2", PRAGMA Corporation, "Changes in IFRS: Financial Instruments", "Financial Management", Training Center "Jacobs-Training".

Teaching areas: financial accounting, management accounting, financial reporting analysis, business planning.



Tatiana Gyska

Master in Automatic Language Processing (Barcelona Autonomous University), Associate Professor of the Spanish language AUCA.

Trainings: methodical training, Madrid, "Development of critical thinking through reading and writing" course, AUCA

Teaching areas: Spanish (3 levels), Spanish mass media, Spanish language styles, Spanish lexicology, Business Spanish, Introduction to Hispanic studies.



Anna Ginosyan 

Education: Kuban State University, Russia. English and Modern Greek Philologist, B.A.
Professional experience: teaching English since 2014.
Teaching areas: All levels of English.



Aleksei Mitin

Teacher of the Continuing Education Center, AUCA.

Professional experience:  

6 years experience of working for international organizations, including American Councils for International Education
8 years of teaching General, Academic English, TOEFL, IELTS preparation courses
3 years – examination center coordinator, language proficiency assessment specialist, official TOELF iBT administrator/supervisor


Communicative methodology in teaching English, TOEFL iBT Trainer course, AUCA , Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Lesson Planning, Teaching English Grammar and Vocabulary, Assessment, Oxford EduPress, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Theories of Second Language Acquisition, Arizona State University, the USA
Teaching English: Foundational Principles, Arizona State University, the USA
Lesson design ans assessment, Arizona State University, the USA
Education:  B.A. in Linguistics and Computer Technology, KSUCTA, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Teaching areas: all levels of English


Aigul Karimova

Professional experience: English teacher (general English): 2005 - present

Trainings:  obtained a Certificate of EF Teacher Development Program. Successfully completed the British Council program «Teaching for Success: Practices for English Language Teaching» in three areas: « Lessons and teaching», «Learning and learners»,   «The classroom and the world».

Education:   Bachelor of Linguistics and intercultural communication. J. Balasagyn’s National University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


Borubaeva Cholpon

Professional experience: English teacher (general English): 2005 - present

TrainingsAnnual workshops and trainings on Professional Development (Turkey, Antalya, 2014), “Teaching Strategies on Material Development and Test Assessment” Oxford Professional Development. (Turkey, Antalya 2015), ELT seminar “Engaging Learning Through Effective Teaching”: The Communicative Approach revisited by Penny Ur., Elements of Effective Classroom Communication by Dr. Okan Önalan (Turkey, Antalya, 2016). “Educational Kinesiology - Brain Gym” SEAR Psychology Pedagogical Developmental Centre (Bishkek 2017), “Neurolinguistics Programming” SEAR Psychology Pedagogical Developmental Centre (Bishkek 2018), “Teaching Strategies on Making Good Test and Speaking in Monolingual Classroom” Oxford Professional Development presented by Martin Curtis. (Bishkek 2018), “Engaged L2 Learning, Theory to Practice” Teachers Helping Teachers seminar (Bishkek 2018).

Education: International Alatoo University.
Teaching areas: All levels of English


 Zyyagul Yilmaz

Professional experience: 10 years experience of teaching General and Academic English for students of different age groups, especially teenagers and adults 5 years experience in teaching English as a foreign language for university students in Turkey: grammar, academic reading, and writing.


  • CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) 2016
  • Certificate for attending an ELT seminar “From Good to Great V”, Merve Education Institutions & Mevlana University, April 2014
  • Certificate for attending an ELT seminar “Learning to Learn”, Cambridge University Press, March 2014
  • Certificate for attending an ELT seminar “From Good to Great IV”, Merve Education Institutions & Mevlana University, May 2013
  • Certificate of Appreciation for high achievements in pedagogical Practicum, June 2010
  • Participation on the 5th student conference on Teaching English as a Foreign Language (gained Certificate of Appreciation), April 2008

Education: International Alatoo University.
Teaching areas: All levels of English and TOEFL iBT


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