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Basics of Marketing

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Price (KGS)
3000 soms

24 ac. hours (1 month)

Saturday 10:00 - 14:00

Course objectives: To provide basic knowledge of market activity to managers and employees of companies.

Instructor: Kashitsina Lidia Ivanovna (MBA)

Course Topics

  1. The market orientation of business.
    • The essence of modern marketing.
    • Basic concepts of marketing management.
  2. Analysis of the market and market opportunities.
    • Marketing environment and its components.
    • Manage marketing information.
    • Marketing research.
    • Analysis of consumers and competitors.
  3. Corporate and marketing strategies. Develop a marketing plan.
  4. Commodity and pricing policy.
    • Development of new products.
    • Pricing strategy.
  5. Promotion of goods and services.
    • Advertising.
    • Public Relations.
    • Personal selling.
    • Sales Promotion.

Methods of teaching: classes are held in interactive format, using case studies to develop practical solutions for each of the topics.

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