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AUCA New Student Orientation


Starting college can cause much anxiety in the heart of a new college student because of all the unknowns:

  • What should my major be?
  • Will I make any friends?
  • How will I find all of my classes?
  • Whom do I ask if I have a question?

New Student Orientation Program is designed to guide students in answering all of these questions. Prior to the beginning of classes, students are given an overview of the complete realm of university life, from academics to social activities. 


The major part of the New Student Orientation is the Academic Language and Thinking Program, introduced as a pilot Bard –AUCA partnership project in 2011 in AUCA, which is a rigorous introduction to the liberal arts education with a specific focus on writing. 

Students meet two-three sessions per day during the two weeks of the program. Students are involved in extensive reading, and working on a variety of writing assignments and other formats. This program aims at refining practices of thoughtful reading, vibrant articulation, accurate self-reflection, and prolific collaboration. The Program endows students with college-level writing skills, instills in them the ability to use writing as a resource throughout every stage of the learning process. The program pursues to unravel creativity, relieve the pressures accompanying the academic process, and cultivate the skills necessary for appraisal, comprehension, and investigation of graphic, fictional, and theoretical material. 

In order for you to start preparing for the academic orientation sessions, we would like to provide you with a part of the reading material that will be given to you during the Program. Please follow the link below:

Summer Reading Assignment

All entering students must enroll in and receive credit for the Orientation program. Satisfactory completion of the Orientation Language and Thinking Program is required for matriculation into the AUCA. Students who do not meet this requirement and wish to matriculate are given the option to enroll in the Language and Thinking program again the following year.

! Please download the Orientation Reader 2020 that is required for the Academic Orientation Program sessions: Orientation Anthology of Readings 2020.


With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases country-wide and globally, and the enhanced safety measures by the Ministry of Health, the Freshman Orientation Program  between 17 August to 28, 2020 August will be conducted online.

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